Sylvania 16w Lynx QE 4pin 835 – £4.28

SPECIAL STOCK CLEARANCE PRICE!! This Sylvania 16w 4pin 835 (standard white) 2D Lamp (Lynx QE) comes with a GR10q cap type fitting. This energy efficient compact fluorescent lamp has an average lamp life of 10,000 hours and has a Class A energy rating. 2D lamps are normally used in corridors and general bulkhead fitting applications normally found in supermarkets, hotels, schools, shops and public buildings. This 16w 4pin application is for high frequency control gear only, and will not work with switch start control gear. This 2D lamp is also known as a PL-Q, CFL square, Butterfly lamp and a Double D lamp.

Sylvania 16w Lynx QE 4pin 835

Manufacturers Part No (where applicable) : 0024991

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