Single Turn Compact Fluorescent 2 Pin 11W – £3.22

*Image is for illustrative purposes only* Length: 237mm Width: 34mm An 11 Watt Single Turn (1 Loop) Energy Saving PL-S compact fluorescent lamp with 2 pin base (G23). This energy efficient PL-S lamp has an average life of 10,000 hours and has a B class energy efficiency rating. We stock branded cheap compact fluorescents including – PLS, Biax S, Lynx S, Dulux S. *This PL-S lamp is available in colours:  Extra Warm White = 827  Warm White = 830  Standard White = 835  Cool White = 840  Daylight = 860/865 What is this lamp commonly known as? GE – 11w Biax S Osram – 11w Dulux S Sylvania – 11w Lynx S Philips – 11w Master PL-S Other: Single Turn, TC-S Please note – These lamps should be replaced like for like. If you have an 11w lamp in your fitting, it must be replaced with an 11w lamp. You cannot reduce or increase the wattage.  

Single Turn Compact Fluorescent 2 Pin 11W

Manufacturers Part No (where applicable) : PL-S11W

This GE/Sylvania/Osram/Philips product is available for just £3.22
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