Bright Source Emergency 40w LED Panel 3000k – 600mm x 600mm – £63.95

The Bright Source Emergency 40w 600x600mm 3000k LED Panel is an easy to fit, 10mm thick panel suitable for installing in any recessed application in both residential and commercial environments. These panels are often used in offices, shops, corridors or any space with a recessed ceiling. This emergency panel has a 3 hour rated duration in emergency mode, using a Liteplan NED/3/80 Emergency Module. The emergency panels come complete with an emergency battery and led emergency indicator. All components are pre-wired and tested in house so the customer can install them as easily as the standard panels. This LED light panel has a high lumen output of 3600 lumens and has a sleek white framed finish. These panels offer energy savings of up to 44% when replacing old T8 4x18w modular recessed fittings. The colour temperature of this panel is 3000K, warm white giving warmer softer white colour. The panel also has an average life of 30,000 hours, twice as long as a T8, making it extremely cost effective and significantly reducing maintenance costs. Bright Source 600×600 LED Panels have a low glare UGR

Bright Source Emergency 40w LED Panel 3000k - 600mm x 600mm

Manufacturers Part No (where applicable) : 45wledpanel

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