Philips HID-PV m 1×020/S – £39.12

The Philips HID-PV m 1×020/S minature ballast runs 1x20w metal halide lamps.this ballast is for use in luminaire,smallest gear available, minimal lamp power spread, microprocessor controlled, lamp end of life detection, long lifetime of 40,000 hours, lamp life is increased by up to 30% for CDM lamps, silent operation without hum it is also RoHS compliant. This Philips HID-PV is usually used in accent and decorative lighting for shops and retail, public spaces, lobbies and offices. This unit is designed for optimum system performance with Philips MASTERcolour CDM lamps.

Philips HID-PV m 1x020/S

Manufacturers Part No (where applicable) : 1×020/S HPF

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