Philips 7w LED 12v Dimmable MR16 36deg – 4000k – £10.80

This is a Philips 7w LED Dimmable MR16 36deg with a 4000k colour finish. This bulb is a 35w replacement of the halogen MR16. This 12v Spot is compatible with Trailing Edge Dimmers and provides buzz free smooth dimming when used with this setup. Old traditional leading edge dimmers often used with halogen or incandescent lamps, tend to buzz or flicker in some cases but still work with this lamp. This lamp has a maximum lumen output of 425 at full brightness. It has an average life span of 40000 hour to give the customer extra peace of mind.

Philips 7w LED 12v Dimmable MR16 36deg - 4000k

Manufacturers Part No (where applicable) : 929001153332

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