Megaman LightwaveRF 3V Passive Infra-Red Sensor – £31.79

LightwaveRF passive switches are a co‑ordinated range of magnetic window and door switches, infra-red sensors and handheld controllers that work perfectly with other LightwaveRF devices to help make the home safer and more comfortable, switching off a radiator, for example, when a window is opened, or activating external lighting when movement is detected. The Connect range consists of ‘simple’ passive sensors which use the 433mhz frequency and send on/ off commands to individual devices. The Professional range consists of more complex ‘triggers’. These use the 868mhz frequency to talk to the JSJSLW500 LightwaveRF Link and can be set to automatically trigger equences, timers or alerts on your smartphone.Each trigger in the Professional range works together to keep homeowners informed about what is happening at home. Any activity picked up by any of the sensors can trigger an appropriate action or alert notification. Closed circuit cameras allow realtime monitoring of events on any smartphone or tablet- invaluable when you are away from home for long periods.TX (Transmitter)Radio frequency: 433.9MhzMax unique channels: 1

Megaman LightwaveRF 3V Passive Infra-Red Sensor

Manufacturers Part No (where applicable) : JSJSLW107

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