Radiant 300w Ceiling Panel Heater – 600mm x 600mm – £145.97

This is a 600×600 (mm) Radiant 300w Ceiling Panel Heater with a grey finish. Providing a sophisticated noise and draught free means of heating commercial premises. Designed for quick and easy installation to suspended ceilings and low running costs giving the customer extra peace of mind. Ceiling mounting allows flexible use of floor and wall space and does not interfere with activities. Typically used in applications such as Care Homes, Trade counters, offices and meeting rooms. Includes a fully enclosed steel case conforming to IP44 and a bracket for easy mounting onto a conventional ceiling. Do not be put off by the (heat rises theory) this is capable of directing heat towards the ground by up to 30m and therefore has exceptional room heating benefits over traditional radiators.

Radiant 300w Ceiling Panel Heater - 600mm x 600mm

Manufacturers Part No (where applicable) : E300U

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