32w PL-T Lamp 4pin 840 – £2.64

A budget 32 Watt PL-T (3 Loops) Energy Saving compact fluorescent lamp with 4 pin base (GX24Q-3). This lamp is supplied in colour 840 – cool white What is this lamp commonly known as?  GE – 32w Biax T/E  Osram – 32w Dulux T/E  Sylvania – 32w Lynx T/E  Philips – 32w Master PL-T  Other: Triple Turn, TC-T/E   Please note – These lamps should be replaced like for like. If you have a 32w lamp in your fitting, it must be replaced with a 32w lamp. You cannot reduce or increase the wattage.

32w PL-T Lamp 4pin 840

Manufacturers Part No (where applicable) : PLT32W840

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