Hive Lights Dimmable Smart GU10 Bulb – £17.14

Introducing Hive. Hive provide the next-generation in smart lighting. Setting the atmosphere is as effortless as a tap of an app. With a range of spotlights to colour-changing bulbs, the Hive Lights range can be personalised to you and controlled from anywhere. Hive Active Light is easy and simple to install – replacing your existing light bulb. It works with the Hive hub so you’re able to control through the Hive app. What’s included?. 1x GU10 Spotlight. What makes Hive smart?. Adjust the brightness and dimming level from the Hive app. By setting up a Quick Action on your Hive app dashboard you can control groups of spotlights together. So with one tap on the app, you can turn all your lights on or off in one go, from anywhere. Important Information. This is the single bulb and does not include the hub. The hub is required for the product to be used. Hive doesn’t currently support wall mounted dimmer switches. Although some people have been using dimmers at undimmed level without problems, it is not recommend using as they could cause your Hive Active Light to buzz or flicker. Compatibilities. Hive is compatible with most smart hub devices; Compatible with Amazon Alexa, IFTTT and Google Home. Product Dimensions. Height: 54mm – Width: 50mm – Depth: 50mm

Hive Lights Dimmable Smart GU10 Bulb

Manufacturers Part No (where applicable) : UK7001560

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