GE LED 2D 12.5w 4pin 840/CCG – £11.99

This is a 12.5W 4Pin (GR10q) LED 2D made by GE. The colour temperature is 840 (cool white) and has a lumen output of 1550. This lamp is a direct replacement for the standard 28w 2Pin switch start control gear (ccg) compact fluorescent lamps only. With an average lifespan of 40,000 hours it lasts 2.5-3 x longer than CFL’s. The Energy rating is A+ and has a colour rendering index of 80. This lamp contains no mercury or lead.  Please note that this lamp will not work with an emergency fitting. This lamp is designed to run off switch start control gear which would typically use a 2pin (GR8) type lamp. This means you may have to swap the lamp holder to a 4pin (GR10q) type if it doesn’t have one. You will also need to swap the existing starter with the led starter provided in the box. GE partcode is 93039474

GE LED 2D 12.5w 4pin 840/CCG

Manufacturers Part No (where applicable) : 93039474

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