Emergency 6w Round LED Light Panel 120mm 10w PL Replacement – £47.76

This 6w White round LED Panel is an economical replacement for a 10w PLC compact fluorescent downlight. The dimensions are 120mm x 16mm which are ideal for shallow ceiling voids and any normal ceiling which accommodates recessed fittings. This product comes in either 4000k (Cool White) or 6000k (Daylight). This panel has an IP40 rating which means it is protected against particles larger than 1mm diameter. The fitting is non-dimmable and includes a constant current LED driver which has a simple plug and play male and female connector. The lumen output for this panel is 240lm (tested) and comes with a 3 year warranty. Cut Out: 105mm In emergency mode the panel uses a Liteplan ‘Sausage’ back up pack, which will run for 3 hours minimum. The emergency back up packs come fully installed to the panels and are ready to be wired to mains voltage. Each customer purchase will be tested fully for your piece of mind, so please allow a day or two when ordering for your installations. We are confident these emergency packages and panel are the best on the market for the money. Should you feel you can find a better product elsewhere for similar prices, then please call us to discuss.

Emergency 6w Round LED Light Panel 120mm 10w PL Replacement

Manufacturers Part No (where applicable) : 833884

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