Bright Source Dimmable 16w LED Polo Fitting CCT – Motion Sensor – £70.76

This is a Dimmable Bright Source 16w LED Motion Sensor Polo Fitting, ideal for replacing 2D fittings. This fitting features the ability to switch colour temperatures from 3000k Warm White to 4000k Cool White to 6500k Daylight. Offering energy savings of 42% and boasting a lumen output of 1250 lumens. These fittings are often used in retail shops, public buildings, communal areas, sports centers, stairwells, corridors, walkways. Equipped with a Microwave Sensor built into the fitting. Microwave sensing works by detecting movement from a 360° angle and can also detect movement through solid objects. They have an average life of 50,000 hours, over five times longer than the 28w fluorescent 2D, significantly reducing maintenance costs. The LED Polo fitting comes with a 5-year warranty for peace of mind. Please see related products for Polo Fittings with emergency modes, microwave sensors and both emergency and microwave sensor features. Dimensions: 327 x 327 x 110mm Dimmable Options Explained: 0-10v – A 0–10V dimming driver sends a low DC voltage signal to the fluorescent ballast or LED driver. The lighting changes as the voltage is varied. So, at 0v the light will dim to 0% and turn off. At 10v the driver is operating at 100% and the light will be fully on. A 0-10v dimming system can operate 10 LED products per controller. DALI – This panel comes complete with a TC Jolly Dali dimmable LED driver to enable this panel to be dimmed via a PC or Wall Interface system. It can be dimmed as a group or singular. This also enables the fitting to work on a corridor function and has options for pre-set scenes. DSI – The driver receives a digital signal which tells it how to respond. The advantage of digital dimming is that fixtures are addressable. You can also have many more different levels of light output. TRIAC – TRIAC Dimming otherwise known as phase-cut dimming, TRIAC dimming act as a high-speed switch and are used to control the amount of electrical energy passing to the lamp. A ‘trigger’ dictates what point the device starts to conduct the electricity, the quicker the switch reacts the more power is let through and the later it reacts the less power, resulting in the dimming of the LED. TRIAC Dimmers include leading and newer trailing edge switches.

Bright Source Dimmable 16w LED Polo Fitting CCT - Motion Sensor

Manufacturers Part No (where applicable) : 243250

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